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Someday. When my life isn't so chaotic and crazy, I will be able to leisurely post on my blog. Until then, I will go many many days without doing so. When I finally remember that I even have a blog, I will frantically try to find an hour or so to update. Isn't funny how we fill our lives up to the brim? Just when we think we have enough to do, we add just one more ten more things. Then we complain and wish we didn't have all these obligations and commitments. So we cut back. Only to decided that with all this spare time, there must be something useful/productive to be done out there. Hmph. I don't think I will ever figure it out. And if you know the secret, if you've found that happy medium, you should be a millionaire. Well. I would give you a million dollars. If I had an extra one laying around, of course..
I hope however, that somewhere in my near future, I will at least have the ability and energy, to sit down and spend some time here in the blog world. And I that  most of all, I will be happy and content with the degree of busyness, which is something I have struggled with for my entire life. I have too much to do, then not enough, then too much. Gosh. Relax why don't ya'. I think I just have that type of multitasking, go-getting personality. Thanks Mom.
So. Someday. When my life has settled down a bit. I will have time to blog. And then I'm sure I will blog about not having  a n y t h i n g  to do. Cause that's how I am. Poor me. I know, I know. Blah, Blah, Blah. Tell me to shut up already.

My list of reasons for loving this picture:
It's of a dancer - that's obvious
I want to take photos like this
Nutcracker is next weekend [ I hope you are coming : )  Here's the link for tickets and the commercial]
Her arms and fingers look so lovely [someday I'll share my theory on "dancers' arms"]
My hair isn't that long and I wish it was
She has a decent, not fabulous foot - so many pictures of dancers' feet are disgusting. In a dance pedagogy sort of way
Reassures me that I chose to get a degree in the perfect career

Happy Friday!
Do something fun this weekend, would ya?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Nikki, one day I would love to hear your dancer's arms theory.