kittys are a lady's best friend


funny/scary things that have happened since Amber kitty has moved back in with us:  
[since May, she has been living with my parents - I went to NYC and then started living with the boyfriend, so we wanted to give it some time for us to get settled into our routines before introducing her to her possibly fourth home.]

Upon exploring her new home, she found Dana's grand piano.. from the other room we heard a few lovely notes, followed by her sweet, but surprised meowing voice. 
While brushing my teeth Sunday night, she ventured into the bathroom behind me (for those of you who know my cat, she follows me everywhere) however, she had yet to explore it since she'd been there. She hopped up next to me, sat on the toilet seat and began staring into the giant mirror that takes up the entire length of the bathroom. Before I could stop her, she perched into her pouncing stance, wiggled her bottom and "boom" into the mirror she flew. And with the same amount of force she put into going through the mirror, she experienced on the way down - landing on and knocking over bottles of shampoo, our jar of stones with incense and other various items that were resting on the back of the toilet. Everything went everywhere. And Amber was gone faster than the whole thing happened. Think of the most shy and skidish cat that you know. Then multiply that by a thousand. That is Amber. So now you can imagine her reaction to slamming into the mirror when she thought she could go through it. No worries though. She was unharmed and back to her normal shelf in a matter of minutes.
Our tiny seven pound cat has managed to crawl into every kook and cranny since her arrival. After only an hour or so, she had gone behind and under all of our furniture cleaning out our dust bunnies and cobwebs. Don't worry babe, we don't need to dust - Amber's got that job covered!
The night she came home with us, we sat on the bed watching her explore. In the bedroom, Dana has a clothes closet, minus the door. There is a rod that he hangs all his shirts from, then two shelves above that (for perspective reasons, let me tell you that the shelves are too high for me to reach). So when she stood in front of the closet looking up at the highest shelf, I started to panic. What if she falls onto your shoe rack? She's going to get hurt.. Amber.. don't do it.. Dana.. that's not a good idea.. omgomgomg.. here she goes.. oh no.. omgomgomg. And of course she did it. My cat is amazing. Why did you even doubt her. So now, her new favorite spot is on the highest shelf, way back in the corner, on top of Dana's jeans. I swear she's part flying squirrel.
She has managed to lose the only two non-noise-making toys that I could find after the move. I've got to find something to keep her occupied during the day so that she doesn't sleep while we're gone and play while we're asleep. I'd love and appreciate any ideas you have ; )

Here's an older my favorite picture of her. I have some more recent ones but have yet to upload them. It's on my list of "things to blog about/email to people/do in general" though. I promise.

Needless to say - she's my favorite thing today! [and yesterday, and the day before that, and that, and that..]

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