Music. An Outburst of the Soul.


Thank goodness for my best friend Alivia. She has the best taste in music. Which I love more than my own. Her blog is always sweetly decorated with lovely voices and instruments - if you haven't noticed.. shame on you!
Today she shared a band that I have never heard of. And I wanted to pass on their music.. because it's awesome. And they're from Scotland which is even more awesomer.. Yes, I'm aware that "awesomer" is not a word. But it's so fun to say! Try it!
I love discovering new bands that I have never heard of. Especially when I've become tired of hearing the same old thing on my Ipod. [Sorry "California Gurls" fans.. I can't stand to listen to that song any longer.. not that I did to begin with]. Anyhow! If you love music, especially NEW music, as much as I do.. then please go thank Alivia for sharing it with us : ) 

My favorite thing today:

Have new music? Please share in a comment : )

                                                                                                                      happy weekend!

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