It's that time again..


I've always had a love/hate relationship with this time of the year. The fairs. Nice weather. Fresh vegetables. Packing. Driving. Unpacking.... SCHOOL! But this year is different. There's absolutely no hate. It's all love. Wanna know why? I think you already know. 
 It's not that I disliked every single moment of college... just some. I'm relieved that I won't have homework, assignments, rehearsals, work, drama & deadlines pounding down on me all hours of the day. I know that some other form of stress will somehow creep into my life. But I'm content. For now. One thing that I will miss dearly... seeing some of the most lovely people I know everyday : (

Lots of wonderful things are happening too! My best friend is having a baby in October.. Yippee! I start teaching dance classes (six total so far). And I am rehearsing with Eclipse Modern Dance Company for some super great performance opportunities! We are scheduled to dance on one of the live news channels in three weeks.. we're a little nervous that we won't have enough time, but we're determined to pull it together. Even if that means throwing in extra rehearsals that go until 11:30 pm.

So. Something I've been thinking stressing about is money. When does the human race not stress about that? Oh that's right. NEVER! So my most recent revelation or "scheme to make money so I can put gas in my car and pay off my loans" as I like to call it, is to make jewelry, key chains, crocheted scarves and blankets - and sell them. It's not a million-dollar plan, but I think it might be a good start?! What do you think.. would you buy something from me?! I could take custom orders and post photos of things that I made and sell them that way. I dunno. It's still a thought in my head that needs to be worked out.. 
Ideas, thoughts, advice is most certainly welcome & appreciated : )

I hope you all enjoy my most favorite time of the year. I can't wait to eat a caramel apple from the fair!


AMPED art said...

you should definitely make things to sell if you can! People go crazy for local crafts. You could easily set up an Etsy site to sell online too :) There are tons of craft fairs and farmer's markets that will let you set up a booth for a small fee to sell things too. I have friends who do that.

nicole said...

Yeah. I thought about Etsy. My friend uses it for selling her headbands. I'll definitely look into the craft fairs. Thanks : )

AutumnRose said...

Hey, a rehearsal that goes til 11:30 is wayy better than one that starts at 11:30!! hehehe