our precious little garden


Never in my life have I been able to have a vegetable garden, aside from on tomato plant in a bucket on the deck. That doesn't count. This year, I decided that I wanted to plant anything and everything that I could. So we have:

 Broccoli - barely, because the rabbits : ( 

Green Peppers

 Green Beans

 Cherry Tomatoes and regular, large, Normal (?) Tomatoes

 Zucchini, and


The pumpkin "patch" (?!?) has sort of taken over a few of the other vegetable's territory. I feel bad for the poor little non-existent carrots, brussels sprouts and lettuce (which never grew, probably because of little rabbits? not weeding?..) Anyway I'm really excited for the kids to come over and pick the pumpkins this Fall! There are already so many little flowers!

Sunday I went out a weeded A LOT! I really don't mind the hot, sticky, buggy condition of a garden during the summer. I enjoy taking care of something and watching it grow, which is probably why all the sweating and dirt doesn't bother me.


This morning I am leaving for Hampton Beach. My mom, my sister and I are staying for three days because we have yet to take a trip there together. Hello! It's August already! So needless to say, we need a little vacation before our crazy lives take control in September. I'll be sure to share pictures ; )



Anonymous said...

Nikki I love pumpkins!! I hope they do real well, and please keep us updated with pictures of the final products :) And your garden is lovely lovely - have fun with it! It's weird not working in the garden during the summer...my mother always had/has one.

AMPED art said...

Awe happy little garden! I am jealous! I keep saying how I want a garden, but it can't happen in my little townhouse cause we have no land boo :( I have the tomato bucket on my deck though... It made 1 small tomato. Then died. lol... I have no green thumb.

nicole said...

Ohhh! That's sad. If you are in Western MA anytime soon, you should stop by.. We have tomatoes and zucchini coming out our ears!! & we love to share : )