One heck of a delicious Friday : )


One brownie + one crispy, peanut butter, chocolate thing + two marshmallows + one m&m cookie + handful of cheerios + one saltin cracker + two mini hershey bars + two mini snickers + microwave = TheMostDeliciousThingThatIHaveEverTasted.

After a long day of classes, a shower and a nap, Alivia and I decided to make our own concoctions out of anything and everything we had in our apartment. This was mine.

Then we watched The Polar Express and it was wonderful. A great way to end a tiring week. Our bodies knew that it was Friday even before our brains did.

Dana is coming to visit sometime this afternoon. I'm excited to see him! As I always will be : )


My mom sent me a couple books last weekend and I'm about halfway through this one.

It is about a woman in her late twenties holding out for "Mr. Perfect." In the meantime, every one of her friends is getting married, making her a maid of honor for four weddings and a guest at twelve others. It's one of the funniest books I have ever read. I love the author and will probably end up buying more of her books!

What has everyone else chosen for their summer reading? I am always looking for new and interesting books that my friends and family have enjoyed!


Yesterday in our West African class, we learned more about "The Summer Sizzler" at Ailey. It is their summer show and we get to perform : ) I am doing a piece for my West African class - so far it is coming along well [as long as I can remember the steps.]
I get four tickets reserved for the show on Friday, July 30th at 4:30 pm. I have to buy them before July 20th so let me know if you would like to come.
After the 20th, I am able to purchase tickets for the other shows, but have no guaranteed tickets. The performances are:
Thursday, July 29th @ 4:30 & 7:30 pm
Friday, July 30th @ 4:30 & 7:30 pm

Please let me know if you are interested as soon as possible. Like I said, I am guaranteed four tickets to the 4:30 pm show on Friday, and would need to know by the 20th. You can also purchase tickets through The Ailey School Website, however, I can't figure out exactly where to go to order tickets : /
It should be fun and exciting, so let me know if you want to come hang out with us in The City!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Miss you all!

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