Time for an update!


Yesterday I returned from my trip to Maine.
While visiting with my lovely best friend, several exciting things happened:

1. Alivia and I got into Eclipse Dance Company
2. I spent time lounging, laughing and relaxing with wonderful people
3. Alivia and I bought and two slip n' slides ($5 each.. which we were really proud of) which we set up at her wonderful graduation party
4. I made lots of yummy food with her and her momma

Some recipes I will be using for my own graduation party this weekend

Cranberry Pinwheels:

1-8 ounces carton of whipped cream cheese
1 cup (8 ounces) crumbled feta cheese
¼ cup chopped green onion
6 ounces of dried cranberries
4-10 inch flour tortillas

1. Mix cream cheese and feta cheese
2. Add green onion and cranberries and mix well
3. Spread about half of a cup of the mixture onto each tortilla
4. Roll tightly and slice
5. Can be served immediately and/or made a day ahead of time
: )

*Another version that we had this weekend was made with peanut butter, honey and granola (with no raisins). Spread peanut butter on the wrap, then honey and last sprinkle with granola!*

Ice Cream Bomb:
Originally by Jill Silverman
4-5 boxes of Ho-Ho's (aka Swiss Rolls, Yodel's etc.)
2-3 cartons of ice cream - mix up the flavors : )

1. Line the inside of a large bowl (or however big you want the bomb) with aluminum foil.
2. Slice the swiss rolls about quarter of an inch and place along the entire surface of the aluminum foil (some say that it is easier to cut when the swiss rolls are frozen, however we found that they stick better when they aren't).
3. Layer your ice cream as desired. We like to separate each ice cream section with another layer of swiss rolls.
4. Put in the freezer immediately and allow several hours (or overnight) for it to harden.
5. To serve, place the bowl upside down on a plate and remove aluminum foil.
6. Variations on this recipe are endless. Try adding peanut butter or hardening chocolate. Experiment with different ice creams..
I think it's impossible for one of these to not taste delicious!

In addition to making these two things, I will also be making a tomato-bread salad, fruit dip, and maybe a cheese dip. My mom already made the lasagna and today I will be baking a couple batches of cookies and some breads for the party. Luckly, lovely friends and family are also bringing dishes to share! I hope people come to eat all this food : )

I can't express how excited, anxious and most of all nervous I am to be moving to NYC. Since today is June 1st, it suddenly occurred to me that it is only a few weeks away. It seems like everything is happening so fast and all at once. Parties, recitals and orchestrating our living situation is beyond stressful.

BUT this is what I've been waiting so long for.. so it's worth it : )

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