How to Survive Bordom Post-College Graduation


So today is the first day since I graduated, almost a week ago, that I am extremely bored. I've already unpacked kind of. Since I'm moving into my boyfriend's place I have a lot of sorting to do in my old room. However, I don't have a lot of room at his place, and soon enough we will hopefully be moving into a house of our own. This logic has not done much for my unpacking/moving/sorting motivation. So while I am sitting here on my bed, I thought I would pretend to do something so that I wouldn't be so bored.
Here's my list which will hopefully cure someone, anyone, if not me, of boredom:

Bake cookies then decorate them with someone
Make a scrapbook or photo album of important events/fun adventures
Play with the kitties (I'm doing that now!)
Re-design your blog
Take a walk down a peaceful road or trail
Plant flowers and plants in the garden
Read a book all day without feeling guilty
Sew something

I think the whole point of me making this post was to convince myself that it's alright to not have something to do every second of the day. That's what I've been doing during the past four years. So now that I have this list, hopefully I can stop feeling guilty about being bored.

I think we all deserve some time that involves not doing much of anything.

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