Calling all lovely bloggers


I really need some help fellow bloggers. My best friend Alivia and I are in desperate need for an apartment in Manhattan for six weeks this summer. We start the summer intensive program at The Ailey School on June 21st, so we'd really like to be in the city by the 18th or so. We've been searching craigslist obsessively and annoying our friends and relatives with our persistent plea for help.
We would like to be on the upper west side of Manhattan because the school is on West 55th. However at this point, we are not being super picky on location. Neither of us mind taking the subway, as long as we don't have to sleep in a cardboard box. If any of you wonderful blogging souls have some kind of connection or advice for finding an apartment to sublet you can leave a comment or email me at
Any help is greatly greatly appreciated : )

OH, and here's the website for The Ailey School as well as a hilarious youtube clip of their company (and Ellen). Just in case anyone was curious as to the torture that Alivia and I will be subjecting ourselves to for six weeks of our summer..

Alvin Ailey Website

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater was visited by Ellen. It's definitely worth watching : )

Ailey & Ellen Part 1

Ailey & Ellen Part 2


Alivia said...

And, for the love of all that is good, STOP TELLING US TO CHECK CRAIGSLIST!

Andrew said...

Check Craigslist perhaps?