cake is yummy & friends are great!


My gramma made this delicious chocolate cake with bits of chocolate, vanilla frosting and chocolate on the outside. It's so good, and of course, no one ate it when the were here last week, so it's been teasing me on the counter for the past couple days. Well I ate it. Last night and tonight I had a piece. And it was good. And tomorrow I have to put on a leotard and tights and stare at myself in the mirror. But I don't care, cause I'm sick and it was delicious. And I'll be thinking about it while I'm in ballet regretting eating it! Haha! Oh well!

Alivia and Michelle are awesome! They really are two of my best friends! I love their notes and their little treats! They make me happy before I have to do ballet.

Have a good night.. and eat some cake and ice cream!

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Alivia said...

Last night I had hot chocolate, then a mini cupcake brownie muffin, then two brownies and a veggie burger.

I make it look like you ate half a carrot stick.


"Nailah, I was wondering why I didn't make modern company..."
"*Stares* You're fat."