time's a ticking...



things are getting crazy. time is running out and i think i look at the clock more than a normal person does. it basically controls my life. i didn't really realize this till i was in class yesterday and my teacher was having us explain what would be our perfect choreographic environment. when it was my turn i quickly searched my list and without really thinking blurted out "not having deadlines to meet or time limitations". as the rest of the class listed some of their criteria, i got to thinking about how much different life would be without having to race the clock. it would definitely be less stressful for one thing, but wouldn't we be able to do things more efficiently? at least i think i would be able to focus on one thing at a time and actually complete it rather than rushing because it has to get done. i also think i would enjoy things more. nothing would be a hassle because if i didn't want to do it, then i wouldn't (haha what a concept..) the reason i started thinking about all of this was because my teacher agreed that she also does her best choreography when she can take her time and really enjoy the process. so from now on, i'm trying to pretend that i don't have a deadline. hopefully by tricking my brain i can focus on enjoying this process which will then lead to being more relaxed which is it the best state for me to be in to create something. anything.

(excuse my inability to use capitals.. i didn't feel like it)

ps. i love igrid michaelson's new cd (thanks liv) and i heard a mike doughty song in a store today and was so excited i think i got everyone's attention! (if you don't know who mike doughty is then you better find him on itunes!)

have a super weekend!

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Andrew said...

"ps. i love igrid michaelson's new cd (thanks liv)"

Thanks Andrew** :-)

Isn't it great though?!