Beginning Again


So today I decided that I would re-invent my blog. I always love creating it but can never stick with it. And plus, it's I need one more thing to add to the list of distractions!

Today Alivia and I went to the Franklin Harvest Festival. It was so nice to walk in the middle of the road stopping at all the places with beautiful jewelry and yummy candy! I bought a cute key chain with purple beads, one of which says imagine. One of the reasons we went was to forcefully and awkwardly hand out flyers for upcoming performances at school. I think it was so awkward because we knew that most of the people we handed them to, really didn't want them. Despite the fact, everyone was so excited to be out in the nice weather listening to a great band. It was a great way to spend part of my Sunday. And I wish they did this every weekend!

I'm not expecting to many people to read this, but I think it will be a good way to get my thoughts out and clear my head. Especially since I'm expecting senior year to cause me a little bit of.. hmm.. stress and anxiety. I'm also hoping that this will be another thing to hold my attention when I'm missing the boyfriend.

Things I need to start/keep/stop doing: start believing I can do anything and be more outgoing; keep loving my life, friends, family and dance; and stop doubting, over anaylizing, questioning and being scared.

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