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I know no one wants to hear me complain and whine about how my inconsistancy on this here blog drives me bonkers, so no matter how tempting it is to do so.. I will spare you. Instead.. welcome to my smorgasbord of an update:

Life lately has been.. lots of things. Exciting, fresh, rewarding, overwhelming, inspiring, happy, tiring, and all kinds of crazy.

- Currently I'm - 

Reading "Skinny Dipping" by Bethenny Frankel, slowly but surely. I think I get through one page a week.. or maybe every other. I always find it difficult to sit down and read for long periods of time without feeling completely guilty for not getting anything accomplished.

Drinking a couple of new favorites; watermelon beer from the brewery at the bottom of my street, peach martinis and of course my lovely go-to.. Sam Summer (while it's still around).

Wearing my favorite nude wedges every chance I get. Pretty soon these painted toes will have to hide away in my winter boots and thick wool socks.

Watching Big Brother. May the universe keep you safe if you even think about spilling the beans before I have a chance to watch it.

Worrying about the future of this blog.. what I'm doing with it.. where it fits in with the rest of the blogosphere.

Listening to more music than you can imagine. Among my recently played list: "Royals" Lorde, "Holy Grail" Jay Z & JT, "Two Lanes of Freedom" Tim McGraw, "Wildfire" John Mayer, "Night Train" Jason Aldean, "Only You" Ellie Goulding, "Possibility" Lykke Li, and "Near Light" Olafur Arnalds.

Working to get the dance studio ready for the fall season. Bring on the dancers!

Looking forward to new beginnings, a positive outlook, new friends, a fresh year of teaching.. and wearing my hat and cowboy boots to Blake Shelton next week.

Focusing on my current positive vibe, living fresh and healthy, being happy and enjoying my time.

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