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Last weekend, our dance company traveled to New Haven to perform in the International Festival of Arts and Ideas. We danced for twenty-five minutes, on an outside stage, in 90 degree weather. I was a bit tired to say the least, and slept on the way home.
On Monday, I picked up my new girl! I test drove her a couple days prior and just couldn't pass up her shiny exterior and bad ass-ness. So now.. she's mine.

Over the week, I found some time to enjoy the sun (while it wasn't raining) and beautiful sunsets. My absolute favorite thing about summer >> the gorgeous colors and the fresh air.

 Over the weekend, we had a sleepover, did our nails and cuddled a little. We also spent an entire day painting, cleaning and purging of unneeded items at the dance studio. So excited for a fresh look and to get rid of the cluttered feeling.

 And yesterday was for hugs with the cousin and eating Gramma's lemon lush. Oh how I love my family and the time (even if it's not much) that we get to spend together.

Happy July lovelies.

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