How long?


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How long is too long to be absent from a blog? Is there a rule? After a while do you just stop checking in and forget about those irregular and sporadic bloggers?!

Life has been getting busier and busier, leaving less time for me to sit down at this familiar empty blog post page with a clear mind, and just write.

I hope that in the next month I can promise myself time to be here. It's strange, but I always feel reassured when I'm here and after completing a post, hopeful that I'm headed in the "right" direction (which at this point, is just forward).


Kiersten said...

I'm still checking :) Glad to see you back, and hoping you'll be able to post more often (if not regularly...because lets be honest, I don't post regularly either)
<3 Kiersten

Freya Lily said...

Girlfriend, I have been struggling with keeping regular with my blog since November. I first stressed about it but then realized that pushing posts was watering down the quality for me. If I have no ideas then I have no ideas! I dont think there's a "too long" period of time. And honestly, I think I continue to follow blogs that post sporadically because the sporadic posts is usually about what they're been up to lately and I find that interesting :)