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Hi there everybody. Someday (I promise) I will get back on a regular blogging schedule. I've been struggling to find balance in my life for the past couple of months and unfortunately because of that, I have been slacking a little. But it seems that lately, things are slowing starting to work themselves out. I'm trusting more in God and constantly telling myself that everything happens for a reason. So until I can figure out how to fit a regular blogging schedule back into my life, you'll just have to bare with me and read these very unpredictable updates every once in a while..

Lately I've been..
.. choreographing like a mad woman, picking out dance costumes & planning dance shows
.. trying new things like Yolates, muscles and thirty-one parties
.. reading and writing letters to dear friends
.. stopping on random dirt roads to take pictures, just because
.. praying for my family, praying for strength, praying for some kind of break
.. catching up with old friends
.. having bronchitis & coughing my brains out
.. sewing and altering so many dance costumes that I find glitter and sequins in places they don't belong
.. enjoying new music
.. enjoying wine
.. wearing (5-inch) sparkly high heels often because, why the hell not?

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Sophie said...

".. stopping on random dirt roads to take pictures, just because"

^^My favorite. And I love the picture that went with it as well:) <3