Happy Weekend + Winner


 This weekend is going to be.. something else. Not only am I fighting a mean sinus infection (not sure if that's even what I have anymore, since I've taken antibiotics for the last ten days and haven't noticed a difference), but I'm teaching dance, attending a wedding reception and going to a bat mitzvah! Let's see if I survive. Luckily Sunday promises some relaxation and a whole lot of nothing. Hopefully I can kick this nasty thing and get back to being my energetic, productive, awesome-feeling self.


And a big thanks everyone who entered the 150 follower giveaway! And the winner is...

Yay Alex! Send me a quick email --> nicoleinthemaking(at)gmail(dot)com so I can send you your bracelet! Congratulations!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your fun filled beautiful day <3 loveyou bestfriend