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I have not been too good with posting my chicken updates on a regular schedule as of late. Sorry 'bout that. Don't worry though, I would have shared all the important somewhat interesting things regardless of these posts. Like if they had won the lottery, laid a blue egg or started speaking french. Stuff like that.

We've been getting eggs on a regular basis now. Usually five a day. Which is amazing and great and wonderful but also means.. someone is seriously slacking. Six chickens = five eggs? D gives them pep-talks at night when he tucks them in (and reads them a bedtime story of course). It's so darling. He hasn't told me exactly what he says to them but I imagine it goes something like this:

Him: "Listen girls, I know it's hard and we're putting
a lot of pressure on you, but you really gotta step up
your game and give us more eggs."

Girls: "Cluck, cluck, cluuuuuuck." 

Him: "Look, I don't wanna hear any excuses ladies!
Now pop-a-squat!"

At the end of the August they'll be five months old. Can you believe that not too long ago they looked like this?! Although I love them, I must say that those girls can be little brats*. They definitely have us all figured out and they don't mind pecking at my legs (or toes) just to get a bit of scratch feed. Never again will I wear my flip flops out there. Never! Again!

*Language changed. I'm sure you can guess what I really call them
(only sometimes like all the time) (I'm kidding) (but not really).

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Becca said...

argghgh so cute! My chickens used to be so moody and diva-ish. I didn't realise chickens had such big personalities. I always talked to mine too xxx