Awkward & Awesome




The amount of time that has gone by since I last posted an "awkward//awesome" post.

The way people still comment on the fact that I drive a car with flames on it. Sometimes I tell them it isn't 
mine, just to see the way they stare at me when I open the driver side door and get in. Or I act all surprised and gasp "Oh my god, quick get the hose!"

Synchronized swimmers and the way they flail their legs all over the place.

Two days in a row a bird got locked in our shed somehow and when I opened it to let the girls out, the poor thing nearly knocked me in the head.


My best friend is now a Mrs! Hopefully I can my hands on some more pictures to share with you.

Getting five eggs the other day! We've been averaging three a day and they are seriously the most delicious eggs I've ever tasted. Some of them were ginormous (so big we couldn't close the carton) and when we cracked them open, they were double yokes!

The opportunity to perform here with some of the most amazing artists I've ever seen. I can't wait.

A couple other amazing things that are in the works.. but I can't share them yet..

The Birthday song. In English annnnnd Portuguese:


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed that video, at first I didn't understand then I saw the heads pop out. I'm catching up on fb and aloe'ing my awkward sunburn and my Mr. is out getting drinks =] first time out by himself as a married man haha
I can't wait to see you and hug you bestfriend! We had our mouths watering as we thought about all the foods we missed. And what we missed most.
Love you lots <3
Your Mrs. Bestest bestfriend

Shoko said...

That picture is definitely just 100% awesome. :)