the stack effect


bracelets, bracelets, bracelets

Okay. So we've all seen a thousand pictures of the stacked bracelets, right? What do you think? Are they your thing? I haven't quite decided yet. I really like they look of them sometimes.. you know when they are perfectly paired and truly compliment your outfit (which I have yet to master). But on the other hand gosh darn it, they can be annoying and hot and heavy.

So the point of this post is to do a little survey. Let me know if YES you dig them or NO you'd rather not wear them. If you vote YES, please give the amount of bracelets you prefer to wear. If we have enough people weighing in, I will put together a little results post to share the overall consensus. Fun? I think so.

I'll start off by saying yes I dig them.
And my perfect number is three.

Happy stacking!


Jodi said...

I like them but agree it is hot. My limit would be 3 as well.

Lela said...

I am a picky stacker. I like the look of alex + ani bracelets and other bangles, but I don't really like the mix-and-match style of stacking.

Bangles I'd say in around five or six though!