Chick Update {month three}



Tomorrow, the girls turn three months old but it feels as though we've been their chicken parents for years. The daily routine is quickly becoming one of my favorite things. And I just love the way that Amber stares at them when they come up to the window. She's a great babysitter.

Almost every day, I wake up and let the girls out of their coop. There are some days that no one will be home, so unfortunately they have to stay in (we wouldn't want them disappearing since our yard isn't fenced in). Luckily it isn't often and most days if they can't be out all day, they are out for at least a couple hours.

They are getting more adventurous. They have yet to leave our yard which was one of my initial concerns when deciding to free-range. Some of their favorite spots to spend the day are under the deck and in the bushes. I was also concerned about getting them in at night. Everyone told me that chickens have insanely bizarre instincts and that they'll just go in when it gets dark, but I had my doubts. If we are able to leave them out until about 8:30pm, they just go in by themselves. I was so amazed that they knew exactly what to do. Seriously. Who taught them that?! But if we have to leave and want them to go into the coop (sometimes if it's a short trip to the store, we leave them out), it's a different story. We either have to A) herd them, which involves chasing, yelling and looking like a crazy fool, or B) shake the container of dried meal worms and if you're lucky, they herd themselves into the coop like nobody's business. I prefer option B, but I usually have to resort to A. It's a blast.

No eggs yet, but from what I hear we could start getting some as soon as a month from now! And. I. Can't. Wait.


Nicole said...

oh I am so jealous. I want chickens real bad!

Maria said...

Awww they are so cute!

Jodi said...

OMG you have chickens. I think this is a first for me finding a blogger who has chickens. Haha! I'm excited to find other MA bloggers. Seems like the only ones I've found previously are fashion bloggers and while I love clothes it just isn't my think!

Becca said...

I've got chickens at home and they're the best! I love how they're all bossy of each other and know how to put each other in their place! Ours escaped on numerous occasions, watch out if they're starting to dig anywhere near your fences! They got a bit scared and just squarked so they're easy to find again! It is so rewarding having them as pets, I could just watch them forever! Yours are so cute xxx

Jessie said...

I'm so jealous! I want chickens so bad! They seem like so much fun. And free, organic eggs? Yes please :)