The beautiful lillies that I am so fortunate to have all over the yard. The bright orange can always make me smile. Even on the rainiest of days. (No filter or edits.)

Phew. Two tech rehearsals and three performances in two days and in two different cities. Going against my body's better judgement, I'm awake and acknowledging the week ahead. Yesterday while driving to Boston, D asked me about plans for the upcoming week and weekend. I responded with something like, "Honestly, I'm just trying to live to see Monday. The calendar doesn't exist to me past June 24th."  The dance hangover is in affect now. The stiff muscles and haziness has settled in. And to make matters worse the coffee pot broke this morning. Thank you universe. The one day that I truly need some caffeine, you take it away from me. Gahh.

I'm hoping to take today to regroup, catch-up on my regular weekend chores that were ignored and maybe do something for myself. Ever feel like you need a weekend for your weekend?!


Maria said...

ooh! Get some relaxation and sleep asap!

Freya Lily said...

I miss that feeling, I remember it well after holiday performances of The Nutcracker! Get some rest!!!

PS Love these lillies!