secret passion: my backyard buddies


One of my favorite seasons is spring. For so many reasons. First.. because of flowers. After a long and gloomy winter with no color, flowers pop outta nowhere and make you smile. Second.. fresh air. Hallelujah for fresh air! If there isn't a person in this world that loves to have every single window open on a gorgeous breezy day, then I'd be shocked. Third.. birdies. But truly, the list could go on and on and on

D and I have bird feeder set up on our back deck and although we fill it year-round, there are more birds around this time of the year (for obvious reasons). Last year we got a bird book which I constantly have my nose in. D calls me a dork because I get so excited when I finally match a bird to a photo in the book, but I don't care. I read the description and habits of the bird aloud and secretly, he is happy that I am so into it. And because of my dorkiness we've been able to identify our new backyard friends.

(I think it's just a coincidence that both of these birds have similar names.) Birds with more distinct markings are easier to identify. Birds of the brown and gray variety are nearly impossible to look up. Once you think you've found the look-a-like in the book, they've flown away. We've also seen this really amazing bird called a European Starling, but I haven't been able to get a photo of it yet. It has this crazy metallic purple and green sheen to it. It might be my favorite I've seen so far.

So what do you think.. am I a complete dork?


Anonymous said...

Lol, I don't think you're a dork :b You're just a lover of beauty. Birds are precious little things that help make the lovely outdoors THAT much more beautiful :)

Amanda said...

That is wonderful! I just put up a bird feeder outside with no luck yet. I constantly see birds flying right by it or landing on a branch next to it, but never actually on it haha! I am sure one of these days they will realize it is there :)