Chick Update { week six }


I can't express how happy I will be when the girls move into their coop. With the exception of having to use the printer, our office has been out of commission. I don't know why/how but they create so much dust. I have to vacuum once a day -- and that's not even enough. There's no doubt that I will be taking everything out and scrubbing till my hands fall off.

Unfortunately, this post is sans photos. My camera and I had a minor disagreement the other day. I'm hoping to get some posted here this coming week. You seriously aren't going to believe how big they are.

The girls are about seven weeks old and are just about ready to be moved into the coop (which is very close to being finished). We had to build another addition onto their current home. Now they have one long (actually three boxes cut and placed together) box. We also took two of our living room window screens and laid them over the top because, we've discovered that the girls like to get out and explore the office. Last Saturday I came home and found one of them hanging out under our desk. I should have had my sister record me putting her back.. it was pretty comical. And the most exciting piece of news since last week?! Their peppy little chirps are slowing changing over to some kind of other noise.. which I'm assuming is a cluck. They look and sounds like real chickens now. Can you believe it?

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