Scenes from the weekend


Most All of my weekend was spent at our first dance competition of the season. I couldn't have been more proud of my students. They did a fabulous job but more importantly, they enjoyed themselves and showed so much love and enthusiasm for what they do up on that stage. And that's really what its about..

Other than that, I spent every spare second that I had playing with the baby chicks. They are growing quickly and becoming more friendly with us. I've found ways to trick them into coming into my hand. Like putting their food in the palm of my hand. For whatever reason, they go completely bananas over it. It's the same food that is in their box, yet for some reason they act like they've been starved for the entire week of their lives.

And now for a busy week ahead. Momma's birthday is Friday, so I've got a little planning to do. The opening of mormor is on Saturday (!!!!) and I've got lots of caring and prepping to do for my little ones. This morning, we were joking about how Dana lives in a house with eight ladies. Lucky him.

Enjoy your Monday everyone.

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Freya Lily said...

The chicks are so cute!!