Flashback Monday


This morning, I found myself rummaging through a box of old photos that I had completely forgotten about (does that ever happen to you, or are you really organized when it comes to that kind of stuff?). In the somewhat non-existent box, I found the most horrifying high school dance photos, embarrassing photos from my "awkward stage" and the dreaded old boyfriend photos. Oh good lord. I wouldn't be sad if some of those disappeared. And fortunate enough, I've decided to spare you the pain and suffering and refrain from embarrassing myself more than I already have sharing them.

The photos in a pile neatly stacked at the bottom of the box, is what caught my attention. Old photos of me. Like really, super old. When I was cute and had crazy bangs with an annoying cowlick that was always front and center. Some of the most random and obnoxious moments of my life perhaps.

So here we go. It's officially a flashback Monday..

Where on earth did my mother find that costume and what am I doing wearing it? But at least I'm not the only one looking ridiculous. I love how my baby sister and I have identical expressions. Probably my favorite thing about the picture on the right. Or maybe it's my bed hair. Cause that's pretty awesome.

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