Our Weekend


 1. Baby chicks. 2. Sisters.
3. Mom's Birthday wish. It took every once of control for me not to eat her red velvet cupcake.
4. D and I. He looks thrilled, doesn't he?!
5. Spring dress 6. Our carrots and peas finger nails -- thanks Easter bunny!

Getting together with my family is always something I look forward to. I went to church in morning with my family and before heading to gram's for dinner, we opened our Easter gifts and obviously couldn't wait to try out our Spring nail polish!

All afternoon, we laughed, ate delicious food (as it always is), enjoyed dessert and giggled when D found a fart app on his phone. As annoyed as I was that he was doing this in front of my grandmother, it was hard not to burst out laughing when he started playing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on the fart piano.

I hope all of you enjoyed your Easter, or Passover celebrations! Happy Monday.. don't each too much candy.  

Like I'm about to go do.

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Freya Lily said...

I love Easter but hate it because I eat too much chocolate...I have no will power...