some indoor sunshine


Today is chilly and rainy. A day that I only enjoy after a long stretch of hot and sticky weather. On days like today, my mood takes a serious beating. As I'm sure a lot of you experience as well. Luckily, I don't have anywhere to be (except the grocery store at some point - which I've considered putting off for a few more days), so I can get some things done around the house and do a bit of relaxing before a somewhat busy weekend. I hope it's sunny wherever you are. Or that you have a lovely bouquet of flowers to brighten your day. I can't wait to plant my tulips in the garden.


Freya Lily said...

It was lovely and sunny here yet my mood took a beating as well. A trip I was looking forward to got canceled, my new shoes caused me to fall twice at work and hurt both my elbows and a knee and I was just feeling a bit homesick. I hope your day got better! And your yellow tulips make me want fresh flowers in my living room!

Kelly said...

I always buy myself flowers in the winter. It's when we all need a little pick up the most.