Our Weekend


Kitty cuddles -- she absolutely loves the blanket that I crocheted a couple weeks ago. So precious.
My favorite valentine candies -- luckily boyfriend doesn't really go crazy over them, so I don't have to share.
Jenga pyramids -- tell me that after you play, you don't build things like this too?!
Lots of puzzle doing -- mom & dad gave us two puzzles for V-day so we indulged this weekend. Solid boyfriend-girlfriend bonding time.

We also had a sleepover, made the most delicious beef stew, visited with some family over a homemade spaghetti and meatball lunch and had a financial summit. You know, like the ones that the big shot politicians have. We stuck our six month goals and year-from-now goals on the fridge in hopes that it will motivate us. This is the first time we've done this, so we'll see how it goes. Do you find that seeing your goals everyday helps you achieve them?

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suzy said...

puzzles!!! i love puzzles so much. there's an almost-finished one sitting on the dining room table as we speak... :)