Awkward and Awesome


{Easter 2009}


Every time I try to use an italicized apostrophe in blogger it looks like this ' when I'm creating the post and like this ' when I publish it. Thoughts?!

About every other day we get a piece of mail for the people that lived here before us. They moved out about a year and a half ago. Get it together US Postal Service.

The amount of times I've blown my nose in the past two days. Ouch.

Getting in the car to go to work and realizing that my gas light is on. Crossing my fingers that I can make it to the gas station, cause I'm pretty sure the reserve holds less than the amount that it will take for me to get to the closest one.

Parts of the Madonna performance. Like when she was trying to dance.

When the cat kneads my butt while I'm sleeping. Uhh.. a little higher please.

Videos from four years ago.. enough said.


Today is Dad's Birthday! (See below) Happy Birthday Daddy!

My best friend's pulled pork. Delicious.

Live with Kelly's Bachelor Theatre. Why watch The Bachelor when I can watch this?!

The blanket that I just finished crocheting. See?!

The coversation between boyfriend and I after I had told him how much money
I was getting back on my taxes:
Me: "I don't remember the last time I had that much money."
Him: "Good, because we need coffee."
Me: "Ha Ha. I'll get some tomorrow. Can we make it to tomorrow?"

 How much money I'm getting back on my taxes.

How many times I typed "taxis" instead of "taxes" while writing this post.

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