Vacation Brain


I'm having a hard time recovering from the food, chocolate and gift coma. Christmas was more wonderful than I could have imagined. Boyfriend and I received so many thoughtful and unexpected gifts. I couldn't be more thankful for all that our families do for us. I wish I could share photos from our Holiday weekend but I'm afraid none of them are really blog worthy.
Whomp. Whomp.

I was able to scrounge this one up. A little bit out of focus - but we look better that way anyway.

It's been great having some time off to spend with friends and family.. however, not having my regular schedule has thrown my brain and body for a bit of a loop. It reminds me of when I would be on break from school. You wake up in the morning and have no idea what day it is and then eat fudge for lunch, or maybe even for breakfast.. if you're awake by then. I'm thankful for this free time to catch up with life but will be happy when my days are back to normal.

Some of my students and I are performing on New Years Eve which I am very thrilled about. Saturday is turning out to be pretty low-key and full of dance! Just the way I like it.

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