Our Weekend


-- I made this for our coffee table! Super easy & adds a little more feminine flavor to our living room.
Even boyfriend said he liked it.

-- Sunbathing. Of course. And cat naps on the couch.
Just ignore the bottle in the back. Ha.

-- Baby Shower! My friend, and owner of the dance studio, is having a baby in two months!
Yippee! Can't wait to meet the little guy. He's going to have so many babysitters.
[Dance teacher photo]
We also...
-- took some naps.
-- went grocery shopping (whomp whomp) after completely emptying the fridge and pantry. I swear, we are the best at making meals out of nothing.
-- stayed up super late and had to get up ridiculously early.
-- carpooled to work on Saturday. Boyfriend just got a job as a mechanic at a shop literally, a stone's throw away from the dance studio. It was probably the only time we'll be able to do that, since he'll be working during the day and I teach at night.
-- laughed our butts off while watching Comedy Central and "The Ugly Truth".

So long weekend!


Jessica said...

Sounds like you have a great weekend! Your kitty is adorable! :)

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

this sounds like an eventful AND restful weekend for you! i love that.

also, your new doily thing is sooo cute! I love it!

Kelly said...

I like the center piece! Well done, DIY Nicole!