How to be a blog slacker


-- Spend long hours on your laptop, while completely ignoring the orange Blogger: Dashboard icon on your task-bar.
-- Go days, maybe even weeks without reading any updates on the blogs you follow. And then when you finally sign into Dashboard, get overwhelmed and don't read any of them. AT ALL.
-- Come home after a long day and go straight to bed.
-- Pick a good book over your laptop.
-- Never take your camera anywhere you go.
-- Use any free time you have to do laundry and/or dishes, fiddle with facebook (aka read about how much people hate all the new updates. WE GET IT! NO ONE LIKES THEM! MOVE ON ALREADY!), or to pet the cat.
-- Devote every ounce of creative juice in your brain to planning or choreographing for dance. That way, you'll have nothing fun/exciting/remotely entertaining/inspirational left to share.

I'd say that I've completely mastered this list. For the past week (at least) I've been the best blog slacker I know. Actually, probably the only blog slacker I know. Besides boyfriend, of course. Wait that dude has a blog?! Yeah, I know.. 

Maybe I'll be able to reel myself back into the "normal" routine of blogging someday peeps. Some. Day.


Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

I have been a really successful blog slacker the last few months and can relate to pretty much everything on this list : )

Becca said...

Hahaha once you get into a slump it is hard to get out again! I fully know what you mean about the lack of camera everywhere and the going straight to bed! xxxxx

Kelly said...

I have been a bad blogger too! Eek. Oops.