Weekly Gratitude


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Thank you summer breezes for bringing fresh air into my house.

Thank you, thank you, thank you friends & family for coming to my Pampered Chef party yesterday! So many laughs - and so many great (free) products! And a big thanks to my cousin/P.C. consultant for putting on such a great show! 
(If you live in the Western MA area and want to have a Pampered Chef party.. I'll put you in touch with her! There are so many great benefits to being a host! Like getting $200 worth of free products!!)

Thank you sister for having a Birthday to celebrate. I just love getting together with my family and goofing around!

Thank you Amber for being our cute little munchkin.
And for beating up the DVD player with your ferocious paws.
And for giving the squirrels that hang upside down from our bird feeder, the look of death.

Thank you best friends. For being best friends.

Thank you mom.. for being awesome. Always!

Thank you PYO Fruit Farm up the street, for growing the most delicious peaches ever.. 
Even if they are kind of ridiculously expensive.

Thank you weeeeeekends for allowing boyfriend and I to spend some sort of meaningful time together.

Happy Weekend everyone!
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