Twenty minus one is..


a little awkward. Don't you think? I mean.. you can already drive, buy cigarettes (tisk, tisk), gamble, and uhh do other things that are bad. It's just a bizarre age. You just celebrated a serious milestone Birthday.. and now you're in a lull. You're technically an adult and have been for a year already, but you still kinda feel like a kid. Well, at least that's how I felt when I was nineteen.

It's hard for me to remember the details of my life four years ago. I was in college.. had a serious boyfriend.. and was pretty engulfed in my dance education/career choice. I was still working towards and searching for, my best self. And now, a bunch of years later, I can say that looking back, it wasn't as awkward, dramatic or as "bleh" as it seemed at the time. On that note..

Today is the nineteenth Birthday of my lovely baby sister.

So this is for you Seester..
How to Avoid the (sometimes) Awkwardness of Nineteen
(tips from someone who's been there and done that.. also from someone that loves you very much):

Be strong. Be happy. Work really, really hard. Get some sleep. Take deep breaths when you're frustrated and angry. Stay true to what you believe in - especially when you get lost in the every day mumbo-jumbo. Never you loose sight of the things that are important to you,  no matter what others say. Have faith in life, it will work out for the better. Love yourself before you love anyone else. Buy scratch tickets and remember how awesome it was to turn eighteen. Don't stress about the small, petty things in life.. (I've learned from experience). Look at the photos of us from when we were younger often.. they'll always make you smile. Never regret anything that once made you happy. Play dress up. Have a good time. Be brave. Do things that are out of the ordinary for you. Strive for the best. Give yourself credit. Be pretty. Be confident. But most importantly..

Find & be your best self.

Do all that.. and you're chances of feeling awkward during the next year of life will surprising decrease.
No promises, though. It's just my big sister advice.


Love you.

*Mom!!! Get a tissue already*


Anonymous said...

Very beautifully written. Love you both!

Brianna. said...

I REALLY REALLY enjoyed this post. I just turned nineteen a month ago. This post definitely relates to my life and how "bleh" I feel about it lately. Thanks so much!