Weekly Gratitude


"Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out."
- John Wooden

-- Friends that come over for our very-last-minute campfire gathering.
-- Having built in best friends {mom&sister} to go shopping for swimsuits with. They'll always be honest and know what really looks best on you!
-- Where we live. Have you been here? Gosh it's beautiful. This is turning out to be a wonderful first summer in our new home.
-- Our tomato, mint, basil, thyme & chive plants for staying alive... & giving us yummy additions to dinner.
-- The #1 summer food. Burgers, burgers & more burgers. And corn on the comb. Still awesome, even after eating them for dinner three days in a row.. and for midnight snackage.
-- Summer dance classes & new students =]
-- Arbor Mist. Enough said.
-- Quality "family" time. I mean.. me, Amber and Dana passed out on the couch. Priceless.
-- Finding a new swimsuit. Falling in love. Talking the manager into giving me a 10% discount. HecktotheYes.
-- Having found this. Perfectly illustrates a very important life lesson for all men.. 
So pay attention:

*click image for link*

What did all of you do this weekend? Whatever it was, I hope it was perfect.
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Anonymous said...

Last minutes are always the best, glad we could be apart of it!!

Kelly said...

"Here, have some wine" is an answer to most things. Clever, clever chart.