Weekly Gratitude


With a week full of tragedy, hope, love and incredible amounts of support from our communities here in Western MA, it was difficult for me to add anything to this list that wasn't related to the tornados that came through on Wednesday. Lucky, our house and my parents house was not effect. However, towns over, buildings, homes and lives were destroyed.

This week, I am grateful for:

:: Heart to Heart conversations with boyfriend ::
:: That our little home in Deerfield survived the tornados on 6/1 here in Western MA. I can't imagine what losing a home, belongings, and loved ones must have been like ::
:: Boyfriend's insane, sometimes inappropriate sense of humor. No matter what kind of mood I'm in, I instantly feel like a million bucks when I'm with him ::
:: Quiet afternoons by myself ::
:: Crazy successful shopping trips with mom and sister ::
:: Beautiful summer weather ::
:: Motivation to make lots of wonderful things happen in my life ::
:: Friends & family that enjoy sitting by the campfire till 1:00 am as much as we do ::
:: Cheeseburgers that cure the hungry bellies in the middle of the night ::

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Happy Weekend Friends. Please visit my very best friend Alivia's, blog to read about the tornados that came through Massachusetts this past Wednesday and make donations. Thank you lovies!


Kiersten said...

I'm so happy that your town wasn't affected by the tornadoes the other day! I have a friend in MA, and between her and Alivia's blog, I heard all about them. (luckily my friend was about 2 hours from where they hit, so she wasn't affected either)
I'm so thankful that you are all okay!
<3 Kiersten

Anonymous said...

that's so cute :)

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