My Awkward & Awesome Thursday


Today I am a step closer. To my first dance recital as a dance teacher. To starting a new chapter in my life. To a healthier life style. To a better me.

And what better way to share all the chaotic and exciting things going on in my life, than an awkward and awesome post! Happy Thursday everyone!
the A W K W A R D S
- waking up at midnight after I've been asleep on the couch for at least an hour, totally confused and angry about where I am, what time it is, and why my boyfriend has left me there, instead of carrying me to bed.
- run on sentences.
- watching a bird fly into the sliding glass door.
- laughing at the people who fell off the stage on America's Got Talent. Clearly, they haven't any.
- being excited for some of my dance classes to  f i n a l l y  be over, while wishing others wouldn't end.
- 99 degree weather + sundresses  + getting out of the car with leather seats. If you catch my drift.

the A W E S O M E S
- being able to devote my days to making jewelry and my nights to teaching dance.
- finally feeling like I'm satisfied with my life and the direction it's headed.
- the feeling I had this past week after driving completely out of my way to donate items to the tornado victims.
- new music on my iPod.
- impressing boyfriend with my ability to ride my bike four miles - might I remind you avid bike-riders, unimpressed with this.. I haven't rode a bike since I was twelve.
- watching my dance students "perform" the dances that they made up on the last day of class, with huge smiles on their faces.
- Q.T. with my momma!
What makes your Thursday Awkward and Awesome?! Link 'em up here!

(P.S. This post would have been published yesterday, however, due to really scary, severe thunderstorms, we lost power yesterday while I was writing this, and just got it back this morning.)


Cassy said...

Love this post, love the awkwards and awesomes. Your blog is so positive I really like it!

Bobbie said...

oh my gosh i totally understand your awkwardness about 99 degrees and a sundress. it is so hot in louisiana sometimes i pull my shirt up in the back when i am driving... i often hope people cant see that my shirt is half way off when i am driving ha ha.
love it
:) Bobbi