Wednesday Wishes


1. This. And to do this.

2. I need to stop falling behind. Not having time to sit and read my daily dose of blogs is starting to get to me. Someday soon friends, someday soon. Until then, please bare with me. I promise that when you think I have finally disappeared, I will surprise you with an overdue visit.. and by then you might not even remember my name ; )

3. Housewarming Party Weekend is almost here! I hope that people show up. I hope it is so much fun, that we stay up till 4 am. I hope I'm not running around pulling my hair out. I hope it doesn't rain. I hope that our yard looks somewhat pretty. And I hope that Dana and I actually have time to enjoy ourselves. [The only reason I dislike hosting parties: the 70% chance that by the time you are enjoying it, no one is there..]

4. Almost a year ago, to the day, I was graduating college. And this weekend some of my most treasured friends will be doing the same. If I wasn't such a dummy.. I would have scheduled things differently, and been able to attend. But since I am not, I wish all of them a lovely last week of college, and a fantastic graduation!

5. I wish I had the energy to workout. Along with just an ounce of self control.. just sayin'.

6. I wish you would tell me your wishes too!

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Betcha can't wait till Sunday for all the party pics?!


Abby said...

Hmm. Right now I wish I was outside! ;)

Ashley said...

I love that coffee sleeve!

Sarah said...

That sleeve is so cute! And, that sucks that you can't go to the graduation - though I'm sure you have some great other plans going on :P I know what you mean about the work out though - so hard to get started!

VaishVijay said...

'Daydreaming' and the process meter below it is fantastic, may be you should patent and let the software developers use this icon instead!:)

Amanda said...

First off, enjoy your party! I hope to see lots of pictures from the great day you have planned. I know what you mean about not having a chance to enjoy since you are so worried about everything running smoothly! When you get to that point--ask for help! They'll love pitching in.

Secondly, I know what you mean about staying on top of reading and commenting on blogs. It's hard when real life starts getting in the way. That is why I only comment a few times a day (whenever I can catch a break) and be able to post quality comments to my favorite bloggers.

Anonymous said...

there's something so refreshing and inspiring about reading a daily dose of blogs isn't there? and much of the time they feel like friends and you feel like you need to catch up with them!! :)