Oh how time flies


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Welp. The long weekend is just about to commence folks. 

Sad. But true.

Today we enjoyed marching in a little parade, I watched boyfriend help a buddy with his truck, we had a picnic with the family and I taught dance. It was a pretty fabulous day. It was hot hot hot, but still very enjoyable and very muchly appreciated. And tomorrow I go back to work, and boyfriend goes back to school.

After today, I am really looking forward to more celebrations and the summer goodies (as I like to call them, like the beach, campfires, picnics, road trips.) God bless boyfriend for agreeing to go to school all summer long - with the exception of one week off, he'll be there Monday thru Friday till sometime in October. There's no way I'd give my summer up for homework and lectures.. but to each his own, and I guess when it's something you love, you'll do pretty much whatever it takes. Kudos boyfriend. Plus, he'll only have been in school for one year total. So I still have him beat with four. So HA!

I hope you had a lovely long weekend. Please take time to remember what Memorial Day is all about and appreciate the lives that were given up in order for us to live ours.

Much love.

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