My Awkward & Awesome Thursday


- The "interview" I had today. Needless to say, I don't think he will be getting the job. There are some pretty interesting people in this world I tell ya!
- Waking up after a short nap outside to see a nasty looking bug with antennas longer than it's body. I nearly screamed my head off.
- Riding a bike for the first time in many, many years. GO ME!
- Walking up and down the isles at the grocery store because I can't remember what's on my list. If only I had actually taken it off the fridge before I left.
- Bizarre suntan lines.

- Finding someone who could eventually (fingers crossed) take over your job. Assuming of course, that you want to give it up. Yeah. That's pretty awesome!
- Today. A little glimpse of what the next few months are going to be like.
- Long bike rides! Tomorrow I'm going to drive the length that I biked and let you all know how far it really was.. my guess is at least a mile. And.. yeah, that's probably nothing compared to what some people do. I'm a wimp.
- Glasses of wine at the end of a long day. Yes. Glass-ES!
- When someone you love is really excited about something they love.
- Pinterest. Still figuring it all out.. haven't pinned much yet.. but just you wait. Visit me!
- Did you forget? The three day weekend that is almost here! Just in case you're like me and you often forget what day it is, I thought I should remind you! Although I am not totally off the hook of work related responsibilities.. it is still going to be filled with many wonderful things!

Link your A&A post here with Sydney =]
& tell me all your exciting plans for this weekend!


Kelly said...

Yikes - we've all been there, crazy tan lines!

Nicole said...

Just realized that it looks a lot worse than it is.. lol.