And we didn't even take any pictures (this should make up for it)


So you probably won't believe me when I tell you that my bestest friend came to visit me all the way from Boston! Our reunion was extremely overdue (after she left, I tried to remember the last time I saw her.. and I couldn't. That's how long ago it was!) I guess that's what happens when we "grow up".
Noooot that we actually act like grown-ups or anything. Just that our calendars fill up fast, never having a smidge of free time.
At the same time that is.

So friends! It's true.
She came! And it was short. But wonderful!

Our visit this time around included: lots of hugs, a bottle and a half of wine, blue blueberry pancakes, dance teacher gossip, saying up late, boy-talk (for as we live.. boys will always be a topic of discussion), presents, book-reading, and a whole lot of other stuff that my brain is having trouble recalling.

Leading up to her arrival I thought about all the fun photos we could take with hopes of doing a cute post afterwards. Like all of you do when you meet up with co-bloggers. Yeah. That didn't happen. We got too carried away to even know what a camera was. So instead, I will just reflect back on our four years of friendship with these (keep in mind, we're talking four years worth of photos here folks. Of course, I'll only share the best, but I'll wait if you wanna go get a snack first.) Get ready to laugh Liv.

21st Birthdays - March & April 2009


Celebrating Earth Hour 2009

22nd Birthdays - March & April 2010

Senior Year

Graduation - May 2010

And for the grand finale..

I love my friends!

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