Lovely little moments


Don't you just love the bits of happiness and comfort that slip into our busy lives? Cause I do. Some from yesterday include..  

Opening a lovely gift from Orlando FL.. I know it's not Christmas yet.. but I just couldn't wait. Thank you Dear, yours is on it's waaaay : )  
Smiling to myself while preparing holiday gifts, knowing hoping that the receiver enjoys it as much as I do. 
Having Amber kitty nuzzle her way under the blanket so she can cuddle in the nook of my arm.
Seeing my wonderful boyfriend enjoy what he does.
Making lists to organize e v e r y t h i n g which always makes me feel as though I've accomplished something.. even when I haven't really.
Having tiny spurts of faith. In decisions. In my family. In my life.
Being a dance teacher and seeing how excited and ready my students are to learn.
Using these colors : )

Maybe it's the Holiday Season which has perked up my ability to sense and embrace these moments which are usually and subconsciously overlooked.

Hope your having a wonderful Wednesday. NINE more days until wonderful food, lovely family and warm homes!

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Alivia said...

Yay! :) :)

P.S. How do you like the giveaway?