"As long as we know in our hearts what Christmas ought to be, Christmas is."


 A weekend of Christmas celebrations, food, music, dance, family & quality time with the kitty.
No complaints here.

Last night was Northampton School of Dance's Holiday Party. It was so wonderful to see all the little munchkins running around in their red and green garland. Even though some of my kiddos didn't dance and just stood on stage looking completely miserable.. I'd say it went pretty well. The food was yummy and everyone was on a sugar high by 8pm which I'm sure the parents we're thrilled about. I made cake balls [recipe and photos coming soon - great for Holidays].

Happy 7th Day till Christmas!
Help us Western Mass folks and pray for some snow.. would ya?!

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Kiersten said...

Your kitty is absolutely adorable!! I also love spending time with my own, and now that I'm home for a month, that's what I plan to do! (allergies or no allergies!)
Beautiful photos, and I'm glad the party was a success! :)
<3 Kiersten