What is "fe-hee-hee--ne.. Oh."


(Que uncontrollable, rolling on the floor, laughter)

Right after I saw the update for Alivia's blog on facebook, I asked that very question. We both rolled on the floor laughing. It's one of those things you don't understand until you say it. So yeah. It just happened. We just spent a significant amount of time watching clips of "Boy Meets World" on youtube. That show is a halarious and I would own every episode if I could - hint hint!

Here's one of my million and one favorite parts of the show. If you find, or know of a website that has episodes of this show, (if it even exists) I would love to watch them all : ) So please share!

This morning we took another Horton class from Troy Powell (as I'm sure you have read about on my lovely friend's blog). It was similar to yesterday, but different enough to keep our attention and make us work hard. Today's class took place in studio 2A. It is on the second floor and overlooks 55th street. The building across from the school looks like it is filled with offices. If I could pick any office in Manhattan (besides one in The Ailey School, because that would be pretty cool too) it would be one in that building. I would never get any work done.
We got gelato after class. Again. It wasn't as amazingly delicious as the kind I had yesterday. However, it could called "plain" with no flavor at all, and I would still think it was the most amazing dessert ever.

What is the opposite of a heat wave? I think we might be experiencing a slight one. (Knock on wood). THERE IS A BREEZE! Currently our windows are open and we have positioned the fan in front of the window to get the cool air circulating through this awkwardly placed apartment. I hope it lasts through the night. If it doesn't, we might use the air conditioning. It turns out it might not add as much to the electric bill as we thought.

My sister is at her last dance convention/competition this weekend. I hope she has fun and does well. I wish I could be there to watch her and cheer her on. I love to watch her perform. She has grown up so beautifully - as a dancer and as a woman.
Good luck baby sister.
Relax. Focus. Breath. Dance. Be free.
I love you.

Tomorrow we are hoping to get to the beach. Because clearly we haven't experienced enough of this hot, muggy weather already. Actually, we both agreed that we would probably spend the majority of the time in the water. We were thinking Coney Island. If you have any suggestions please comment because we really don't wanna stay in Union City all weekend long. (We also don't want to spend a lot of money..)

Have wonderful weekends everyone!

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