Total Extremes


So I've been thinking today about how moods/attitudes can change. Not just mildly, I'm talking drastically within twenty-four hours. Total high, to complete low. I suppose the majority of this alteration has to do with female hormones. And I admit it, I experience the typical signs of PMS. However, why is it that every time a woman has her monthly visitor that we have to experience such psycho emotions. It's not fair, and we don't like it. Doesn't it always seem like everyone is out to get you? And they only bring up serious topics when you are the most emotionally vulnerable? Well stop. We don't like it. I think that I might create a sign that says something like "Please don't talk to me unless you are prepared to deal with my sudden outburst of either screaming or crying." That might be too much for a sign, but you catch my drift.

Anywho, I really did experience this two days ago, which is why I felt the need to post about it. Normally, I am fine, and I don't get moody (Ok, maybe the occasional mood swing here and there.. but hey, I'm female! Can you blame me?!) So Tuesday I was overly happy and satisfied with the way everything in my life was going (see post below). But yesterday it was like the world was going to end. Everything pissed me off or made me want to cry. I knew why I was acting like an emotional wreck, but I couldn't stop it. All I kept thinking was that maybe if I went to bed and woke up the next day I would feel better. However, getting through the rest of the day wasn't that easy.

And now we have today. My hair cut doesn't seem soooo horrible like it did yesterday. And despite the fact that I have to go get a filling, I'm pretty content. What the heck?! Why does mother nature do this to us? It's not like we don't have to deal with enough already.

We should be allowed to forfeit our daily routines due to the fact that we might burst out into unexpected tears which could potentially harm those around us.

Haha, yeah right like that would happen..
Sounds good though, right?!

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