I'd like to use this post to share with all of you, my latest ballet class journal entry. For those of you that are non-dancers, you might not understand; for my fellow bruised knee and body aching dancers, enjoy..

Thursday, January 28, 1010:

"I don't like ballet. Normally it doesn't bother me - one way or the other - except for days like today when I'm extremely overtired and sore. I hated it. I do it because I have to, and because I know that it will make me better. And I know that later on in my life I will be glad that I went to all those ballet classes and hardly ever missed. But until then, I don't plan on enjoying it.
Everything felt wrong and I couldn't focus. Once I feel like this it's impossible to do anything correctly. I don't think I did a single pirouette that I thought was adequate for a level 7 ballet class.
I think that Monday's are good ballet days and Thursday's are my bad ones. At least this week anyway."

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