list to self motivate


I'm hoping that this list will help me focus this winter break. I've been feeling guilty and awful about relaxing for the past week, even though I've worked so hard for the past three months. It's like I'm so used to going going going, that I don't know how to do nothing. Maybe by making this list, I can be more comfortable with taking a short break. Another thing that I freak out about while I'm on break is not having a job. No one hires for one month and I beat myself up about just sitting around when I could be working. Uhh. I hate it. But I guess there's not too much I can do. Being a full time student is kind of a job in itself. So here it is, the motivationally focused non-guilty list of what I need to accomplish in the next month:
(ps. apparently motivationally is not a word - but I like it and it makes the title of my list sound better)

-research companies & internships
-figure out what I want to do after graduation
-spend time with family & friends
-exercise A LOT
-DANCE as much as you possibly can
-find a way to make money NOW
-save money
-try not to stress so much about money
-relax now so that you can bust your butt next semester

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