West Palm pt. I


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 We started off by staying at my Aunt and Uncles sweet condo in Palm Beach Gardens. They have a patio with bright colored chairs and gorgeous palm trees all around. Perfect for sipping coffee and feeling the breeze.

We went to the beach for a couple of hours where we collected sea shells, walked in the water and welcomed the sunkissed glow.

We traveled down Jupiter Beach a little ways to watch some wind surfers. They were so graceful and fluid floating from water to air seamlessly. 

The sun was hot and the air was muggy, so there was very little hair styling to be done. In an instant we were sweating blobs with greasy, sunscreeny hair and sandy feet. Exactly what I love about the Florida weather.

Later Thursday night we checked into our hotel, went to dinner and welcomed our cousin who would spend the rest of the weekend with us!

Part II coming soon...

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