Technically difficulties


Happy Tuesday dudes.
Listen to this:

Since sometime early last week, I haven't had sound on my laptop. Completely random and all of a sudden. No sound. At all. Which of course proves to be difficult for a dance teacher searching for music, putting playlists together and just for life in general. Luckily I am able to plug in my iPod dock and play through that, but it's not the most convenient set up in the world. My sweet pink laptop will be two years old this December and I'm hoping it doesn't have to be replaced all together. After doing lots of research I can't seem to figure it out. So once I get my butt in gear I've gotta bring this thing to get checked out.

 a n d   t h e n . . .

Yesterday when I tried to insert my camera's memory card, I couldn't get it to click all the way in. It felt like something was in the way. Poses a problem when I'm trying to upload photos for this here blog and list items in my etsy shop. How does this stuff happen? It's not like I can physically mess around with the stuff in there. It just stops working?! Maybe there are miniature trolls that live inside laptops and their one purpose in life is to cause a ruckus. Sounds plausible.

So I gave up and had apple crisp for lunch. Solves everything.
And here I am again.. fighting with technology.
Please bare with me, I'm probably going to be a little non existent till I can figure this thing out.

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